martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

Goodbye Blue Sky

"Look mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky"

Did you see the frightened ones?
Did you hear the falling bombs?
Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the
promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue

Did you see the frightened ones?
Did you hear the falling bombs?
The flames are all gone, but the pain lingers on.

Goodbye, blue sky
Goodbye, blue sky.

Maybe it isn't a goodbye, still I feel it like one. I won't be around here for some days, please don't, don't, DON'T try to contact me in any way. I'll come back, you may be sure of that. All new and with less internal issues than ever.

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

Foro abierto v2.0

The rising sun will eventually set,
A newborn's life will fade.

From sun to moon, moon to sun...

Give peaceful rest to
The living dead.

Restless souls wander
Where they don't belong,
Bring them calm with
the Sun's Song.

Poema de los Hermanos Compositores, de The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, el mejor juego de la historia ^^

Siempre había querido transcribir ese poema, realmente es algo muy expresivo en muchos sentidos.

Todo lo que deseamos es producto de nuestro esfuerzo? O sólo estamos destinados a ello? En realidad existe esa cosa llamada destino? Todo por lo que hemos luchado, consideramos valioso o importante, sólo es un patrón determinado?

Éstas son varias de las preguntas que me he hecho a lo largo de la semana. Realmente vale la pena luchar por algo si (muy en el fondo) sabes que fracasarás? Cuando estás seguro de que no es tu destino tener algo así? O puedes decidir a pelear, totalmente resuelto a que puedes cambiar algo (de cierta manera) cósmico y milenario?

I need someone to bring me calm
I need somebody to wipe my tears
I want my sorrows to be washed down
Please... Heal my soul...

martes, 10 de febrero de 2009


What Are You Looking At?

Strike a pose.
Strike a pose.
Vogue, vogue, vogue
Vogue, vogue, vogue

Look around, everywhere you turn is heartache
It's everywhere that you go [look around]
You try everything you can to escape
The pain of life that you know [life that you know]

When all else fails and you long to be
Something better than you are today
I know a place where you can get away
It's called a dance floor, and here's what it's for, so

Come on, vogue [vogue]
Let your body move to the music [move to the music]
Hey, hey, hey
Come on, vogue
Let your body go with the flow [go with the flow]
You know you can do it

All you need is your own imagination
So use it, that's what it's for [that's what it's for]
Go inside, for your finest inspiration
Your dreams will open the door [open up the door]

It makes no difference if you're black or white
If you're a boy or a girl
If the music's pumping it will give you new life
You're a superstar, yes, that's what you are, you know it

Come on, vogue [vogue]
Let your body groove to the music [groove to the music]
Hey, hey, hey
Come on, vogue
Let your body go with the flow [go with the flow]
You know you can do it

Beauty's where you find it
Not just where you bump and grind it
Soul is in the musical
That's where I feel so beautiful
Magical, life's a ball
So get up on the dance floor

Vogue [Vogue]
Let your body move to the music [move to the music]
Hey, hey, hey
Come on, vogue
Let your body go with the flow [go with the flow]
You know you can do it

Vogue, [Vogue]
Beauty's where you find it [move to the music]
Vogue, [Vogue]
Beauty's where you find it [go with the flow]

Greta Garbo, and Monroe
Dietrich and DiMaggio
Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean
On the cover of a magazine

Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean
Picture of a beauty queen
Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers, dance on air

They had style, they had grace
Rita Hayworth gave good face
Lauren, Katherine, Lana too
Bette Davis, we love you

Ladies with an attitude
Fella's that were in the mood
Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

Vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue

Oooh, you've got to
Let your body move to the music
Oooh, you've got to just
Let your body go with the flow
Oooh, you've got to just,

Tal vez una canción demasiado pop, pero ando de buenas y me gustó ponerla. Además, habla de disfrutar la música, qué más pueden pedir?

BTW, disfrutar la música puede llegar a ser adictivo de tal manera que te cambia la perspectiva. Así que no se diviertan de más...

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

Destiny Path

The road gets long
The road seems wide
But it's something
You wouldn't mind

Because the way is a lie
For it is something
That isn't supposed to be
But you have to realize it on your own

I'm walking for my fate
I'm walking for the truth
I'm taking
My destiny path...

Through mountains and valleys
Beneath caves and waterfalls
No more rainbows or beauty
Only shadows and fear

But you're here with me
And I hope it's for good
But let's not think about it
Let's fight and let's go!

We're walking for our fate
We're walking for the truth
We're taking
Our destiny path...

Lyrics © Sv_Fx

Ya parece que mejor yo les compongo las canciones y ustedes ponen la música XD

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