lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

I´ll be back... hey I´m here!

A partir de que pueda (o me acuerde) tratare de escribir en inglés xq estoy falto de practica, y si no creen que lo hago bie mandenme un correo o vayan a checar su mail (si saben a lo que me refiero)

Ok, now, continuing with my life (wow, that sounds deep) I have to say that lately it is out of the sightings I made years back, I thought I would be in college by now, but it wasn´t so, then I´m trying to adapt to this new situation, by balancing work, school, family and friends (not in that order, though). I´m like trapped in many choices I have to make daily, so if you see me undecided sometimes now you know why.

I was forgetting, I´m in a cyber-coffee so I won´t go further. If you see a big post, it´s because I took all night long to write it. And this will be the last post in this address, so please go to my other blog, which address is in the post before this one.

I still have many things to write and comment with you. (Yes, I know this blog it´s only read by one person, and I now know who is it!) So, see you later, then.


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